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[v1.1.31] Patch notes
« on: October 08, 2012, 07:16:50 PM »
Hello all,

A new update is available, bringing the game to v1.1.31. This is an interim patch before v1.1.4 to address some important issues with the game.

You can download the patch here:

If you're wondering why the automatic update notifier in the game is not visible, we've disabled it temporarily while Desura approves the patch.

Please find a list of the most pertinent changes below:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving and exiting the game.
  • Fixed a crash and diary pagination issue when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed an issue where zombies hit by traps could get "stuck", causing combat to last forever.
  • Additional checks to prevent the "null barricade" error.
  • Fixed a bug where certain items could be stacked with a quantity of zero.
  • Added some additional checks for null objects when reanimating dead survivors.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Connection rumour.
  • Dead survivors will no longer drink from beyond the grave.
  • Fixed a rare crash when one survivor criticised the work of another.
  • Additional checks to make sure survivors do not perform idle tasks while in combat.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting survivors without surnames on the relationship screen.
  • Clicking on the update button in the main menu now prompts you to exit the game.
  • The tinker idle task should no longer appear to give tools and melee weapons bonuses to ranged combat.
  • Added windowed mode. This can be enabled via the options menu.
  • Additional checks for the custom content editor to prevent invalid character names.
  • The note containing the rescue date will be written in English, regardless of the current operating system's localisation settings.
  • Fixed a potential crash when passively spotting zombies.
  • Fixed an issue where fleeing survivors could be ordered to stop fleeing.
  • Stability improvements for the D3D renderer.
  • Various small tweaks, optimisations and improvements

Please note that saved games are not compatible between versions.
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