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[v1.1.6] Patch notes
« on: December 10, 2012, 05:47:14 PM »
It's patch time again folks, and v1.1.6 is a beauty!

The most exciting addition is an entirely new game mode, called "Road Kill". Search the town and scavenge for parts for a broken-down vehicle. Your survivors will then have to fix the vehicle before they can drive themselves to safety. To support this new mode, we've not only added new content, but modified existing dilemmas and events to reflect the altered objective.

The best thing about Road Kill is that rescue is now entirely in your hands -- the game won't end unless you drive out... or die. Even if you do make it out alive, relationships and the supplies you've gathered play an important role in just how well you do. How these affect the end result, well, you'll have to play and find out!

Road Kill represents the largest addition to the game since its release; it really changes the way you approach the game. You'll have to re-examine those rock-solid strategies that served you well in Classic mode and try different tactics if you want to succeed.

For players who like to share their games, you can now enable sharing functionality via the options menu. When active, hovering over diary entries will show a "copy to clipboard" button. This should make it easier to quickly paste text into forum posts or documents. We hope to expand this feature in the future to support popular social media sites.

If you purchased the game directly from us or via GamersGate, please download and apply the following patch.

If you bought the game via Desura, please make sure to update the game via the Desura client.

Here's a full list of changes:
  • Tweak: The red glow effect of combat-related diary entries now fades faster.
  • Tweak: The introductory diary entry now better reflects the group's composition.
  • Tweak: The starting date is now based on the current date of the user's PC. The starting time is still 6am.
  • Added: New game mode, "Road Kill", and a new start game screen to select between this mode and "Classic". Road Kill features a new victory condition that puts the survivors' rescue in the player's hands. The new mode comes with several new and unique items and events, as well as changes to existing dilemmas and content.
  • Added: Three tutorial dialogs: when moving a survivor token; clicking on a survivor's photo; and when a victory item is received. These will only appear the first time the player experiences these events.
  • Added: Diary entry clipboard copy. This feature must be enabled by the user via the options menu. When active, a small clipboard icon will appear over diary entries as the player mouses over them. Clicking the icon will copy the text of that entry to the clipboard.
  • Added: A shorter, more sensible report is entered into the diary when survivors breach a secured location containing no zombies.
  • Added: It is now possible to view the final diary entries once the game has ended.
  • Added: New dilemma - the scavengers.
  • Added: The dilemma screen has been updated with new graphics and now shows a photo related to the current dilemma.
  • Added: Three new note textures.
  • Added: Some locations now have loading docks and garages.
  • Added: "Slashing" weapons now have two new sound effects.
  • Added: Pressing Space while viewing the town map now returns the player to the diary and immediately ends the current turn.
  • Balance: Survivors will now die of starvation if they do not eat anything for five days. Resilient survivors may last a little longer than less resilient survivors.
  • Balance: Survivors suffering from the "Starving" stat modifier no longer benefit from positive strength modifiers.
  • Balance: The "Poisoned" dilemma is now more likely to occur.
  • Balance: Zombies wandering into locations can never exceed 10% of the location's maximum capacity.
  • Balance: Changed the wield rating of the sledgehammer from moderate to hard.
  • Balance: Bare hands are now much less effective weapons, but still get a small bonus for strong characters.
  • Balance: Survivors now take a larger penalty when trying to evade zombies with bare hands only.
  • Balance: Resilience now plays a slightly more important role when evading zombies, while the importance of strength has been slightly reduced.
  • Fixed: The mouse hit regions for survivor portraits in the custom content manager would sometimes become enlarged and overlap, making it difficult to select certain survivors.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the game tooltip would get stuck showing an item's statistics while viewing the town map screen.
  • Fixed: Font scaling on systems with modified DPI settings could cause text clipping in the custom content manager.
  • Fixed: When the play music idle task fails, it will now write its diary entry at the correct location.
  • Fixed: Hovering over the next/previous page links now shows the hand cursor.
  • Fixed: A crash that would occur when using the welder in combat.
  • Fixed: Removed a misspelled, duplicate icon file for the church.
  • Fixed: Survivor status text is now drawn while viewing the equip screen, if the survivor photos are flipped.
  • Fixed: A crash that could occur when trying to read an options file editing by hand.
  • Fixed: Additional checks to make sure the simulation does not continue to output new diary entries once the survivors have been rescued.
  • Fixed: The dumbbell and skipping rope now have their weapon properties properly configured.
  • Fixed: The Escape key now works when reading a previous diary.
  • Fixed: Pressing a Escape, A, D, or other key that changes the game view, while a new game was starting would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed: The system menu text better reflects the fact the player is reading a diary (when in diary reading mode) and not playing a game.
  • Fixed: Cleaning tools are now actually present in the game.
  • Fixed: Victory items now remember their position on the victory item screen when the game is saved.
  • Fixed: A rare issue with placing survivors in combat that could result in an inconsistent battle state.
  • Fixed: Improvements to handling render-to-texture operations to prevent odd flickering issues when notes are updated.
  • Fixed: Silenced handguns now once again play the correct sound effect.
  • Fixed: Survivors could become stuck if the "Run." option was chosen in the girl scout family dilemma.
  • Modding: Starting items can now be modified. In the start game hook, items can be added or removed from the "ItemManager.GameModeStartingItems" dictionary. The key for this dictionary is the game mode you wish to change the starting items for.
  • Modding: Implemented the ground work for modifying the town configuration. This code is still in heavy development and does not currently work.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.
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