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[v1.1.82] Patch notes
« on: March 01, 2013, 06:11:14 PM »
Update: Another quick update is now available, bringing the game to v1.1.82.
  • Fixed: A rare crash with the audio subsystem when attempting to play rain effects.
The original message and patch notes for v1.1.8 and v1.1.81 can be found below:

Update: We've released a hotfix, v1.1.81, to address some critical issues with v1.1.8. It can be downloaded from here.
  • Tweak: It is now possible to save a game's progress and continue playing, rather than being forced to save and exit.
  • Added: If "Enable anonymous metrics" is active via the Options menu, a report is now submitted to Screwfly if the game crashes during the simulation.
  • Fixed: A crash related to modifying items.
  • Fixed: A crash with the in-game tooltip and transitioning between certain screens.
  • Fixed: An issue that could prevent the tinker idle task from working.
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to use the keyboard to transition between screens while a survivor token is held.
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented certain characters from being entered into textboxes in the custom content manager.
  • Fixed: Some synchronisation issues related to retrieving the survivor's current location.
  • Fixed: Additional code to address a null exception crash with the barricade task.
  • Fixed: Restarting the game via the system menu should now be more reliable.
  • Fixed: The introductory diary entry would not correctly inform the player of items found in the starting house.
  • Balance: Increased the odds of finding the radio/map on the girl scout.
The original message and patch notes for v1.1.8 can be found below:

Hello players,

Patch v1.1.8 for Zafehouse: Diaries is now available! This patch improves a number of areas of the game and adds a solid dose of content, including a new dilemma, Overwhelmed, and showering, an idle task. The custom occupation editor has been expanded on, making it more flexible than ever and we've even implemented weather effects to keep things interesting.

The Overwhelmed dilemma has a chance to occur when your group faces staggering odds after breaching a location. You'll be able to retreat to, hopefully, a safe location or, if you're feeling lucky, try your hand at more heroic options.

Getting around during a zombie apocalypse is not the cleanest affair, so your survivors will accumulate grime and if left idle, will now occasionally wash themselves. Doing so will provide them with a small morale boost.

We felt the towns of Zafehouse: Diaries were drier than they should be, so now it'll occasionally rain and storm. As you'd expect, noise doesn't travel as far under these conditions, so be sure to take advantage of the weather when you can!

Several dilemmas, including the Lynch Mob, Moby Dick and the Girl Scout Family, now feature an assessment of your survivors' chances if you decide to fight. As a result, it should be easier to make more informed, strategic decisions regarding these encounters.

Finally, for users with high-resolution displays, a scaling option is now included so that game takes up most the screen. It is currently experimental, so if it doesn't work as expected, let us know so we can tweak it. The custom occupation editor has also been expanded -- players can now directly set how efficient an occupation is at certain orders, such as barricading, cooking and modifying.

If you purchased the game directly from us or via GamersGate, please download and apply the following patch.

If you bought the game via Desura or GOG, please make sure to update the game via the facilities provided by these services. Please note that updates from these distributors may be delayed while the patch is approved.

Please find a full list of changes for v1.1.8 below:
  • Tweak: The introductory diary entries for Classic and Road Kill now give the player an address to a clue or car part, whichever is appropriate.
  • Tweak: The negative result for the play music idle task no longer results in a well-liked survivor being injured.
  • Tweak: The stat modifier note on the Relationship screen now shows more consistent information about survivor bonuses.
  • Tweak: Certain out-of-place events will no longer occur while survivors are breaching a location.
  • Added: Weather effects. There's a chance each day that it'll start raining -- either a light shower or a thunderstorm. Noise levels are dampened significantly while its raining and even more so when it's storming, however, your movement speed around town is also reduced.
  • Added: New dilemma - Overwhelmed. Has a chance of occurring when you breach a location and face overwhelming odds. You'll be given a couple of... heroic options, as well as one that allows retreat.
  • Added: New idle task - Showering. Survivors now accumulate grime and will periodically wash if left idle. If the right hygiene items are available, survivors will wash themselves and gain small stat boosts.
  • Added: Experimental display scaling. This can be enabled via the Options menu and will temporarily change your desktop resolution so that the game takes up a majority of the screen. This can be helpful on extremely high-resolution displays where in-game text can appear quite small.
  • Added: All dilemmas involving combat now include an assessment of the group's chances.
  • Added: The ability to right-click to move a stack of 10 items is now mentioned in the tooltip while hovering over an item on the Movement screen.
  • Added: The game will now provide more helpful error information if it crashes while generating a new game or loading a saved game.
  • Added: A tutorial the first time a survivor is injured.
  • Added: It is now possible to directly set the order efficiencies of custom occupations in the custom content manager.
  • Added: The specific bonuses modifying stats are now clearly marked as being positive or negative.
  • Balance: Investigating now provides a significantly more accurate report about zombie numbers. The report generated by assaulting remains unchanged.
  • Balance: In Classic mode, the minimum delay before the helicopter arrives has been increased by one day, and the maximum by two days.
  • Balance: It is now much less likely that the player will lose all their survivors during a dilemma featuring combat.
  • Balance: The delay before the lynch mob has a chance of appearing has been increased.
  • Balance: Prepared small meals are now much more nourishing; three should be almost enough to fully feed a survivor.
  • Balance: Increased the cooldown between exercise idle events.
  • Balance: The order bonuses provided by the "Hidden knowledge" dilemma are now applied more consistently.
  • Balance: Adjusted the weights of the machete, butter knife, playing cards, switchblade, welder and spanner.
  • Fixed: A potential crash with breaching where survivors were not properly assigned the "Fist" weapon.
  • Fixed: An issue where order effectiveness would sometimes be calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed: It was sometimes possible to treat an injury multiple times, each time reducing its duration.
  • Fixed: A crash related to the create distraction order.
  • Fixed: An issue with survivor death from the infection during transit.
  • Fixed: A diary chronology issue with death messages occurring due to the lynch mob dilemma.
  • Fixed: A workaround is now in place when survivors become displaced.
  • Fixed: A crash related to saving the game while texture overrides were in effect.
  • Fixed: A freeze if a key was pressed while a tutorial message was fading in.
  • Fixed: Increasing the "Perceptive" stat in the occupation editor would internally increase "Smart" instead, and vice versa.
  • Fixed: An issue where a location's search level could drop from 100%.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the treat task would vanish from the order list.
  • Fixed: A reporting issue related to the "Corpses" count on the location clipboard.
  • Fixed: The location report on the clipboard would sometimes state that survivors were resting, even though the selected location was empty.
  • Fixed: An issue in Road Kill where survivors would report the discovery of a note, yet nothing would appear on the Victory Item screen.
  • Fixed: Significant optimisations to mouse-handling code. This fixes a handle leak and addresses an issue where the game would become partially unresponsive on some systems after playing for a period of time.
  • Fixed: A rare visual bug where the town map would appear halfway off the top of the screen on older systems.
  • Fixed: A visual bug that would cause the town map to appear corrupted after reloading a game.
  • Fixed: A rare bug that would prevent players from adding custom locations.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.
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