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Title: [v1.2.21] Patch notes
Post by: Logan on October 17, 2013, 06:02:17 PM
Update: v1.2.21 is now available (, to fix a few important issues.
Notes for the previous patch can be found below:

Hello again players,

We're pleased to announce the release of patch v1.2.2! The update focuses on adding more content to No Survivors, as well as providing extra options during the mid-to-late game in all three modes. For Steam users, v1.2.2 includes 12 unique achievements to get stuck into!

Players of No Survivors will have to contend with a group of ex-military troops setting up shop somewhere in town. They won't be present immediately and even when they do arrive, they won't stick around forever. If you do manage to locate them, you'll have the choice of fighting them -- and snagging their cache of top-shelf equipment -- or leaving them alone. Be warned, they might seek explosive retribution if you provoke them...

Fortifying a location now allows you to build further upgrades including a fence, sniper's nest and watch tower. The fence adds another barrier between you and the hordes, protecting your barricades from attack and giving your survivors the peace and quiet they deserve. Fences also allow you to move out of surrounded locations, so you'll want to build one as soon as you can. The sniper's nest boosts the accuracy of your snipers, while the watch tower lets you see zombies far and wide.

You'll find powerful outdoor traps have been added to your defensive repertoire, so you can kill and maim zombies before they even get inside. These traps can be placed at any time, regardless of how fortified a location is.

A new occupation, the Mayor, makes an appearance. He won't be killing zombies by the truckload or performing heart surgery on your wounded survivors, but he has intimate knowledge of various locations around town and when tasked with searching them, can quickly uncover everything inside, including clues.

Finally, we've done a fair bit of balancing and tweaking. You'll find combat against enemy survivors is more consistent and rifle weapons have had their effectiveness improved against living targets.

That's it for now, so grab the patch and enjoy all the new stuff it has to offer.

Steam users, If you're curious about the achievements, a full list can be viewed here (

If you purchased the game directly from us or via GamersGate (, please download and apply the following patch (

If you bought the game via Desura (, GOG ( or Steam (, please make sure to update the game via the facilities provided by these services. Please note that updates from these distributors may be delayed while the patch is approved.

Here's a complete list of changes for v1.2.2:
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.