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Suggestions / Re: Extended fortifications
« on: October 18, 2013, 05:37:57 PM »
You sir have allowed for zombie killing goodness. Good show.

Suggestions / Extended fortifications
« on: September 12, 2013, 05:31:49 PM »
What if once a base is secured/fortified you are given the ability to build extra items to it, say you found some 2x4's and scrap metal maybe you could start building some mesh fences, etc.

This would be good because you could maybe build a wooden wall around your base and maybe a watch tower.
Also making it so that if the base is fortified rather then secured you would get more options and less hassle from the zombies. Like the walls would make patrolling MUCH safer by only having to walk around already barricade area.

Maybe also add stuff like being able to make gardens and stuff, I don't know what produce rates would be, But try to make realism and action mix, so no bullshit like going for 6 months, because lets face it, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!

Maybe add a bit more in-depth crafting weapons/upgrading, Maybe like a another piece of paper slides up and shows the weapons name and its available upgrades and what they do. Maybe also add the ability to make you patrollers run when they are losing a fight with zed, its annoying losing 3 soldiers to 8 zombies. All im really asking for is 1. A few more menus to just give a bit more detail [If people don't like the idea maybe add the option to go old school mode?] 2. Maybe some more options for fortification and patrolling.

Finally some bugs i have noticed while playing: Patrollers that go "Missing" while patrolling mysteriously die inside the house and come back to kill me or at least try.
I have also noticed that sometimes it seems that people with a skill of 5 stars will fire 10 bullets with a handgun while sniping and only injure zombies, Surely you would have ALOT of time to aim these shots... [May be a good idea to make a Snipe zombies slowly option which Increases accuracy and ammo loss but decreases death of zed.

Other than that great game Screwfly and as a fellow Aussie i say AUSTRALIA FUCK YEAH! Also i hope you add kangaroos as a means of transport in road kill mode :P

Suggestions / Re: Character Occupation Ideas
« on: September 10, 2013, 06:43:17 PM »
Soldier: Separated from his convoy stumbles into the town low on ammo, armour in tatters and food. Fighter, searcher, scout, hardy, strong, not good at practical tasks I.e barricading and modifying

C.E.O: On holiday in the small town, when shit went into the fan he took cover in a house finding a group of survivors. A people person, great at working things out and planning, bad at everything physical.

Vietnam veteran: Hes been retired for to long, now that hells broken out its time to go back to the good o'l days. Strong Fighter, searcher hardy, slow, Bad eyesight, good with weapons and modifying weapons and making ammo, Can not fair by himself, thought of as the grizzled vet of the group, Nobody questions him... Unless they want to get there ass beat down.

Survivalist: They thought they were ready, they were wrong, now alone they stumble across some survivors. They never thought they would be the only ones, this was not a good sign, all this preparation is going to be ruined... Good with everything apocalypse related, Not good with people or making noise, that's what they learnt from the book eh?

Hope this is good, all [He's] can be substituted with [She's].

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