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[v1.1.61] Patch notes
« on: December 25, 2012, 03:59:21 PM »
Hello players,

Zafehouse: Diaries has been updated to v1.1.61. This is an interim patch that addresses a few balance issues and bugs with the current version.

Based on player feedback, we've done a lot of work on tweaking the difficulty of certain dilemmas involving survivors fighting NPCs. We've identified and fixed a couple of issues that could cause these fights to have unpredictable difficulty.

We've also made a few changes to the injury system, medicine consumption and resting so that they function as originally intended.

If you purchased the game directly from us or via GamersGate, please download and apply the following patch.

If you bought the game via Desura, please make sure to update the game via the Desura client.

Here's a full list of changes:
  • Tweak: Disabled the resolution check on start-up. Please note that at a minimum, a 1024 x 768 resolution is recommended for optimal play.
  • Tweak: Trap reports during combat are now much more succinct.
  • Tweak: Reduced the minimum number of characters for a custom survivor's surname to 1, down from 2.
  • Added: Anonymous data regarding your game is sent to Screwfly Studios' servers after a victory or loss. This feature can be disabled in the Options menu.
  • Added: Killing the trader may also result in the discovery of the map in Road Kill.
  • Added: It is now possible for survivors to warn the player of certain dilemmas in advance, while watching for zombies.
  • Added: The lynch mob and girl scout's family will now intelligently watch locations and search for the player's survivors, rather than appearing at random.
  • Added: The "super-zombie" will now hunt survivors as they move between locations.
  • Added: It is now possible to view security reports for investigated, but not entered, locations. These reports will show entrances, but only last available counts for traps, barricade parts and furniture.
  • Added: The screenshot function (F12) now produces JPEGs instead of PNGs. If you are using the JPEG screenshots mod, we recommend removing it.
  • Added: Survivors with moderate injuries will now automatically treat themselves with painkillers as required.
  • Added: Zombies will now trigger traps while moving around or into locations that survivors are not present at.
  • Added: Corpse cleaning now provides information on zombies killed by traps while the survivors were not present.
  • Added: The current game version is now shown and copied to the clipboard if the game crashes during the simulation.
  • Balance: All dilemmas involving combat with NPCs have had their difficulties revised. It should be much easier to predict the results of such combats.
  • Balance: Resting is now more strictly enforced and survivor resting states are preserved when the game is saved.
  • Balance: Survivors are now less likely to consume a large meal when they are starving.
  • Balance: Seeded food items (those not prepared by survivors) now provide more predictable nourishment boosts and have been increased on average.
  • Balance: Survivors are now generally better at modifying items, rather than sitting at either extreme.
  • Balance: Significantly reduced relationship boosts from the "Watch for zombies" order.
  • Balance: Survivors are less likely to be both uneducated and poor.
  • Balance: It is now harder to sever zombie limbs in combat.
  • Balance: Weapons that can hit more than one target no longer have this value randomised; they will always target (but not necessarily hit) the maximum number possible.
  • Balance: Survivors with melee weapons attacking survivors with ranged weapons will find it harder to do so.
  • Balance: Lacerations now apply a tiny penalty to strength while the same penalty given by contusions has been increased slightly.
  • Fixed: The "Trapped" dilemma will no longer fire while survivors are breaching a location.
  • Fixed: Some additional checks to prevent crashes when the game is exited.
  • Fixed: Trap attacks are no longer factored into the average accuracy stat reported at the end of the game.
  • Fixed: The game's icon in the taskbar should no longer disappear when restarting the game from the system menu.
  • Fixed: Pain suppression effects from medicines now wear off.
  • Fixed: Treating contusions now reduces the magnitude of the injury.
  • Fixed: Survivor status text is now drawn when transitioning from the map to the diary while the survivor photos are flipped.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to treat a survivor who suffers additional injuries of a type they already have.
  • Fixed: Injuries are now removed when their affliction time is exceeded.
  • Fixed: An issue where survivor names would be invisible in the assignment dropdown when left-clicking on an order.
  • Fixed: A rare crash with the tinker idle task.
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to create custom survivors with identical names.
  • Fixed: Survivors with duplicate first names will have their surname initial shown in the order assignment menu.
  • Fixed: Removed redundant "what do you do?" text from a number of dilemma descriptions.
  • Fixed: Pressing "W" while a location is selected that the survivors have yet to enter or investigate no longer shows the security report.
  • Fixed: Additional checks to handle an extremely rare crash when discovering the vehicle for the first time in Road Kill.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.
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