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Zafehouse: Diaries FAQ (Updated: 06/06/2014)
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Zafehouse: Diaries -- Frequently Asked Questions
While we do our best to answer all questions we get from players, there are a few that tend to pop up quite often. So, with this thread we've put together a list of the most common queries, along with their accompanying replies.

Please note the FAQ includes gameplay spoilers, so if you'd like to figure things out for yourself, you should avoid clicking the "Spoiler" tags!

Q: On the equipment screen, why can I only move one item at a time? Is there any way to move items more quickly?
A: Yes, there is. Left-clicking on an item in the equipment screen moves only one item at a time, while right-clicking moves 10. This works for ammunition and regular items. You can also save and load equipment loadouts using the suitcase buttons in the top-right corner of the book on the equipment screen.

Q: Is there a way to bring up the equipment screen without pressing the blue order link?
When dragging a token onto a destination, hold down Shift. The red dashed line linking the token to its origin will change to blue. With Shift still held, drop the token onto the destination -- the equipment screen should appear immediately. This means you can move multiple tokens onto a destination and hold Shift with the last one, saving you a bit of clicking.

Q: Is there a way to navigate between the map, diary, etc using the keyboard?
The game does include a number of shortcuts for this exact purpose. Pressing "A" on the diary screen will take you to the victory item screen, or the diary if on the map screen. "D" serves the opposite purpose -- it'll take you to the map from the diary, and to the diary from the victory item screen. Pressing "W" on the map screen will display the currently selected location's security report, while pressing "S" will bring up the relationship screen. Finally, pressing "Space" on the map or diary screen will advance in-game time by one hour (equivalent to clicking the watch).

Q: My survivors are always hungry -- how can I keep them fed?
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Q: Why would I want to barricade? It doesn't seem very effective.
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Q: Why does my group immediately start fighting?
In Road Kill and Deadline, your group starts in media res. They're tired, angry, suspicious and hopeless - and that's in the first hour. If you're worried they might injure each other, try starting a rumour right at the start, or separate troublesome survivors.

Q: I'm having trouble surviving against the likes of the lynch mob and the girl scout's family. What can I do to improve my odds?
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Q: The game fails to load or the graphics are corrupt, what are my troubleshooting options?
We have a handy technical FAQ that addresses the most common problems players encounter starting the game and how to deal with visual issues. There's also a Diagnostics Tool that comes with the game that allows you to enable workarounds and generate system reports and hash files. The tool can be found in the "Zafehouse Diaries" program group, or as a file called "ZafeDiag.exe" in the game's install path.

Q: Do you plan on adding X feature? I think it'd be great to have in the game.
We always love to hear suggestions for new features, though the reality is that Screwfly Studios is a two-man team, so we have to be mindful of what we prioritise. Ideally, we'd love to add all your suggestions to Zafehouse: Diaries, but in order to keep the game maintainable from a support and balance perspective, and to maximise our productivity, we have to carefully debate what we add to the game. That said, the game does support modding via C#, so it's possible your idea can be added yourself!

Q: Isn't this game just like that other Flash game?
Zafehouse has been around since 2008, which is probably longer than the game you're thinking about. That's not to say that the game doesn't have notable influences. Interactive fiction and roguelikes are two obvious categories here, but games like King of Dragon Pass and Dwarf Fortress were also influential in some way.

Q: What's with the 'Z'? Why do zombie games all have a Z?!
This is probably the most asked question about the game. Five years ago when Zafehouse was released, no-one said a word, but these days it's become a crime. It's true that the 'Z' is overly associated with zombie games, but for a small indie with no marketing budget, we needed all the recognition we could get, so we kept the original name.

Q: What's the deal with X? Wouldn't it be more realistic if you...
The game doesn't pretend to be realistic, though it does try to conform to general expectations. In the grand stand-off between realism and gameplay, we choose the latter.

Q: Why has it been so long since the last update?
ZD was released in September 2012 - a long time ago now. Since then, we've added a ton of content, new features, new game modes, and new customisation options. It's hard for us to say that the game is finished (we said that once, and then we released a bunch of content and a new game mode a month later), but we don't have immediate plans for major updates.

If you have any ideas for questions/answers for this thread, please post them here!
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