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[v1.1.9] Patch notes
« on: May 17, 2013, 06:01:11 PM »
Hello again players,

Zafehouse: Diaries has been updated to v1.1.9. For this patch, we've focused on user interface and performance enhancements that should make playing the game a much smoother experience.

The biggest change is the addition of map annotations. This means you can now mark and add notes to any location on the map, just by right-clicking on it. Can't remember which locations you left supply caches? Now you can leave yourself little reminders.

Tired of moving survivor tokens individually? We've added in a mass-selection feature, which you can use by holding down the left-mouse button over the map and dragging. Include the tokens you wish to select inside the rectangle, release the mouse button and then just left-click on the location you want to move those tokens to. It works pretty much like it would in a real-time strategy game.

For the diary, it's now possible to bookmark pages. Above the left-hand page of the diary you'll notice four small paper tabs. Hover near these and they'll drop down, after which you can click on one to bookmark the current open pages. By default, the bookmark name is the page numbers, but you can type in your own title if you want. To delete a bookmark, just right-click it.

The Movement screen has also seen several improvements. You can sort items based on type, and they'll be ranked from best to worst. Order selection has also been revamped with new graphics.

Finally, game performance and memory utilisation has been improved across the board. Saving and loading is now much faster, text rendering is incredibly quick and late-game turn resolution should be a lot snappier. Those are just the big-ticket tweaks; we've nipped and tucked a great many parts of the codebase.

If you purchased the game directly from us or via GamersGate, please download and apply the following patch.

If you bought the game via Desura or GOG, please make sure to update the game via the facilities provided by these services. Please note that updates from these distributors may be delayed while the patch is approved.

Please find a full list of changes for v1.1.9 below:
  • Added: Map marking. It is now possible to mark locations on the map with solid and dashed circles, as well as add tooltip notes. To use this feature, simply right-click on a location.
  • Added: Hinted locations at the beginning of both game modes are now marked on the map.
  • Added: The Movement screen now features new graphics for the Investigate, Breach and Assault orders. These orders can now also be selected by using the "A" and "D" keys.
  • Added: The custom occupation editor now shows the total point spend for order efficiencies, as well as recommended counts for balanced occupations.
  • Added: It is now possible to mass-select survivor tokens on the map. Hold down the left-mouse button, select the tokens you want by dragging the selection rectangle to include them, and then release the button.
  • Added: Items can now be sorted by category, from best to worst, on the Movement screen. Click on the paper tab on the far left of the item book to access this feature.
  • Added: Diary bookmarks. Hover the cursor over the four paper tabs above the left-hand page of the diary to set bookmarks. To delete a set bookmark, just right-click on it.
  • Added: Photos are now added to the diary when the weather changes.
  • Tweak: Game loading and saving performance has been dramatically increased. These operations should be 25-50% faster in most cases and consume less memory. However, as a result, save games from version before v1.1.9 are not compatible with this version.
  • Tweak: The game loss text is now clearer regarding the fate of survivors when the last one dies.
  • Tweak: The rendering engine is now more strict about cleaning up unused texture resources.
  • Tweak: Significant optimisations to zombie AI logic. These improvements should be most noticeable during the late-game.
  • Tweak: Various performance optimisations with dynamic texture generation.
  • Tweak: Renamed "Weapons and ammo" to "Combat gear".
  • Tweak: The "ghost" tokens on photos are now less transparent.
  • Tweak: The performance of text rendering has been greatly improved. This is most noticeable on the Supply tab and Movement screen when a location contains many items.
  • Balance: Reduced sponge weight from light to very light.
  • Fixed: A crash that could occur while survivors were inside a factory.
  • Fixed: A rare issue where the interface would stop responding. This addresses problems with the injury tutorial message and certain visual effects freezing the game.
  • Fixed: Some lingering formatting issues with tooltips.
  • Fixed: Survivor travel lines are now rendered below tokens, rather than above them.
  • Fixed: Some issues with rescue note dragging not correctly detecting the screen bounds.
  • Fixed: An extremely rare crash when moving zombies.
  • Fixed: The carving knife is no longer considered a ranged weapon.
  • Fixed: All survivors must now be assigned to the leave town task in Road Kill.
  • Fixed: A number of issues with resting survivor detection and task assignment.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.
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