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[v1.2.02] Patch notes
« on: July 17, 2013, 11:11:50 AM »
Update: v1.2.02 is now available, to fix a critical issue.
  • Fixed: An issue in No Survivors where rejected survivors would excessively set traps, steal items, etc., after a certain period of time.
Notes for the previous patches can be found below:

Update: We've pushed out a small patch, v1.2.01, to take care of some minor issues with the latest version. It can be downloaded as of now.
  • Balance: The player's survivors are less likely to be injured by traps set by rejected survivors.
  • Fixed: Protection items are no longer considered "tools" when dealing with the Caravan or Trader.
  • Fixed: An issue where items could not be a part of multiple loadout groups.
  • Fixed: Extra checks to prevent a crash when positioning survivors within a location during combat.
  • Fixed: The new day/night ambient effects no longer play if sound effects have been disabled.
  • Fixed: A rare visual issue where a black box would appear on the Relationship view when the player had only one survivor.
  • Fixed: Removed some unused locations from the custom content manager.
  • Fixed: Some additional checks to prevent reporting errors with the Patrol order.
The original message and patch notes for v1.2.0 can be found below:

Hello everyone!

Good news -- we've just released a massive new patch, bringing Zafehouse: Diaries to v1.2.0. And when we say "massive", we mean it! Along with the usual tweaks, balance changes and fixes, v1.2.0 introduces an entirely new game mode called "No Survivors", protection items to keep your survivors safe and sound, new items including the submachine gun and backpack and loads more.

First, let's tackle No Survivors. You've been asking for a truly endless game mode and here it is! The biggest change you'll notice in this new mode is that you start with just one survivor. Don't worry, by searching the town or using a flashlight or beacon, you can find / attract survivors to boost your odds. Each survivor brings with them prejudices, items and even injuries, so you'll need to carefully consider their inclusion. And, when the group reaches its capacity of five, it's not you who decides who should go -- your survivors will make that decision for you!

If you do reject a survivor, they'll retaliate by stealing equipment, sabotaging barricades and setting traps, so be careful!

You won't encounter the likes of the super zombie, lynch mob or the girl and her dangerous relatives either, but that's only because No Survivors presents its own set of tribulations. You'll have to track down resources, set up safehouses and try and keep zombie levels down by patrolling and sniping. If you don't, locations will slowly be overrun, after which you won't be able to access them.

We've also done some reshuffling of the game mode selection screen. Each mode now has its difficulty level clearly displayed and hovering over a mode will reveal additional information about it. The Classic mode has been renamed "Deadline" and represents the most challenging of the three. Road Kill is the default, normal mode while No Survivors is the easiest.

On the item front, protection gear makes its debut. This includes hockey masks, ballistics vests, motorcycle helmets, hard hats and many more. You don't have to worry about equipping your survivors individually, just have these items with you and they'll sort themselves out. Protection gear provides defence against melee and ranged attacks, but the more damage they take, the more they'll wear out and eventually fall apart.

A new weapon also makes an appearance -- the submachine gun. It uses 9mm ammo and is a nice weapon to take with you on assaults. It's not very efficient however and you'll find it goes through rounds very quickly. We've also added a backpack by popular demand, a rare item that will make hauling equipment around a little easier.

Overall, difficult has been reduced in all modes, so new players should find the game a little easier to get into. That said, Deadline (formerly Classic) remains a very challenging mode to win.

If you purchased the game directly from us or via GamersGate, please download and apply the following patch.

If you bought the game via Desura or GOG, please make sure to update the game via the facilities provided by these services. Please note that updates from these distributors may be delayed while the patch is approved.

Here's a complete list of changes for v1.2.0:
  • Added: New game mode: No Survivors. With no time limits or objectives, how long can you survive in a town slowly being overrun by zombies? Start with a single survivor and search locations for others, or attract them to you if you've found a secure base of operations. Find greenhouses, medical labs and ammo factories to produce a steady stream of resources and keep an eye out for the elusive caravan. Welcome new survivors into your group, but watch out for prejudices and injuries! If you want, you can reject them instead, though they might cause you trouble in the future. Finally, zombies can destroy locations if you let their numbers get out of control.
  • Added: New orders: Resource manufacturing. Available in No Survivors, certain locations can create ammunition, medicine and ingredients, giving you a constant supply of critical items. That is as long as you can defend them.
  • Added: New dilemma: The Caravan. Help them out and they'll return the favour, just make sure you have the supplies they need.
  • Added: New item type: Protection gear. Use motorcycle jackets, hard hats, riots shields and more to protect your survivors from melee and ranged attacks. Be warned though, these items will degrade with use, so make sure you keep an eye on their condition!
  • Added: New item: Backpack. A rare item that will allow your survivors to carry a few extra items during their travels.
  • Added: New item: Submachine gun. A low-damage, reasonably accurate ranged weapon that can hit many targets at once. Uses 9mm ammunition... a lot of 9mm ammunition!
  • Added: New item: Beacon. Available in No Survivors, used to signal survivors to your location... and other friendly inhabitants of the town.
  • Added: Hovering over a game mode now shows important details about that mode, such as time limits and survivor counts.
  • Added: Ambient sound effects that differ depending on the time of day.
  • Added: Extra statistics to the end game screen: Survivors infected, cured and made immune; and hours lasted.
  • Added: Once per day, while occupying the hospital, a survivor's injury may be treated automatically, without consuming medical supplies.
  • Added: Three new tutorials for supplies and breaking down items, bookmarks and relationships and rumours.
  • Added: Three new backgrounds for the main menu screen, which are cycled through at random each time the game is started.
  • Tweak: The "Classic" game mode has been renamed "Deadline" and its position on the game mode selection screen has changed.
  • Tweak: The difficulty level of each game mode is now clearly stated.
  • Tweak: Pressing Escape while tokens are mass-selected will cancel the selection, rather than transitioning back to the diary.
  • Tweak: "To be junked" changed to "Break down into barricade parts and scrap".
  • Tweak: The default game mode is now Road Kill.
  • Tweak: The game now defaults to Windowed mode.
  • Tweak: A number, rather than a star rating, is now shown for items that provide a carrying capacity bonus.
  • Tweak: The title of the left-hand page of the Movement view now reads "Leave behind", rather than "Leave at the <location>".
  • Tweak: The main menu now features graphics rather than buttons.
  • Balance: Turning away the girl now stops her family from checking up on you.
  • Balance: Increased the delay before the super zombie shows up.
  • Balance: Slightly reduced the rate at which survivors become hungry.
  • Balance: The Vaccine dilemma can now occur at either the university or the hospital.
  • Balance: The Overwhelmed dilemma is now much less effective.
  • Balance: Survivors will now find it extremely difficult to fight large numbers of zombies without decent weapons and relationships.
  • Balance: Increased the amount of ammunition in the world in Road Kill.
  • Balance: The hungriest survivor will now always be the first to eat, if food is available.
  • Balance: Food will not spoil until at least a few corpses are at a location.
  • Balance: The "slowly and quietly" barricade strategy is now much more effective.
  • Balance: Antibiotics and painkillers can no longer be found on corpses and painkillers in general are harder to find.
  • Balance: Infected survivors now self-medicate themselves more promptly.
  • Balance: Survivors now move 33% faster during the day.
  • Balance: Searching locations has been made slightly easier.
  • Balance: Antibiotics now dramatically slow the speed of the infection.
  • Balance: Reduced the number of zombies that can walk into unsecured locations.
  • Balance: Zombies now enter locations at a reduced rate while survivors are breaching.
  • Fixed: Large meals found in the game -- that is, ones a survivor has not prepared -- now provide the correct level of nourishment.
  • Fixed: Sustenance provided by the "Hold a feast" order can no longer exceed a survivor's maximum hunger level.
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to assign the same survivor multiple times to an order.
  • Fixed: Reduced system and video memory consumption by ~30MB.
  • Fixed: A potential crash when a survivor reanimates.
  • Fixed: Some discrepancies in fortification level calculations that could cause a location to look fortified or secured when it wasn't.
  • Fixed: It was possible to click on bookmarks while viewing screens other than the diary.
  • Fixed: An issue with multi-target weapons not hitting all their targets when breaching.
  • Fixed: Single items in categories are now highlighted correctly when sorted.
  • Fixed: Orders will no longer appear in game modes where they are not relevant.
  • Fixed: A number of cases where the candle glow and bookmark graphics would not appear correctly when transitioning between screens.
  • Fixed: The game now maintains the same window size, regardless of Windows' DPI settings.
  • Fixed: Items are now placed back inside a location when cancelling a move order using mass-selection.
  • Fixed: Additional checks and balances to address a texture error when discovering the vehicle in Road Kill.
  • Fixed: Code to prevent cross-thread exceptions with the audio engine.
  • Fixed: The game window now forces itself to appear on the primary display. This check occurs twice -- once when the program is first run and after a new game is started.
  • Fixed: Checks to prevent null exceptions involving the Snipe order.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.
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