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Dealing with the Family
« on: September 29, 2013, 04:39:07 PM »
Is there any way to actually do this in a way that benefits you?

I've had three people in my group with really high combat-related skills, several pieces of armor and more guns and melee weapons than I could ever use, holed up in a fully fortified, fully trapped house. And when the family showed up the first time I thought 'hah, this time they're pooched.' So I fought them.

Lost two people and three of the family members got away. I thought, god that sucks. But I still had two of my combatty characters and wasn't too far from finishing the truck, so I figured I'd keep going.

And then they CAME BACK.

It was as if I hadn't just reduced them to three people. Somehow, three people who lost a fight five hours earlier returned and managed to storm that same fully fortified, fully trapped house with two combatty characters in good health and still with plenty of ranged weapons and armor.

What is up with that event? Is it really stacked that hard against you? Is it possible to beat them? I kind of want to try cheating in five high-combat characters and just seeing if I can beat this 'family.'

But more realistically, how should you deal with these people? I've tried telling them they had the wrong house but they just came back with bigger guns. If you give them the map do you lose the mission or is there another map available to be found? Should you just turn the girl away every time to avoid a fight? What's the deal? It seems like one of those things where you have a bunch of options but there's only one or two 'right' answers no matter how well prepared you are.