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General Feedback/Suggestions based on demo.
« on: November 22, 2014, 05:36:21 PM »
Finally managed to beat the demo so here's a list of feedback on it all. Let me start by saying that I'm pretty sure the game has a lot more in it than is offered by the demo so if I say something that is just completely wrong or incorrect feel free to ignore it.


-From what I can gather the game is cell based in a grid and only 1 person per cell. This works pretty well and moving your doods around feels solid. When you are in hallways though things get kinda figsmabobclick and by that mean clicking inside them can be annoying.

-Hacking is kinda cool, but seems like it needs more to it. Also seems as though you 'hack forward' and occasionally it just can't be done because of watchers and makes hacking pointless if the last main node is patrolled by a watcher that never vanishes. I suggest a sub ability that sends a disabling pulse along the line allowing you to pass a hack. Also possibly a single use item or higher level item that allows destruction of watchers or taking control of them. More options for hacking would be nice and generally 'doing more' with the ship too.

-I get what 'power' in the ship is supposed to do with regenning your ability power, but it feels like you have to go out of your way to manage it and it's not really very clear 'how much' is in the system at your location. Also because of watchers, lowering the power in an old section can be...troublesome.

-Sensors are pretty cool. I see their use for detecting and without sensors my guys don't see much which is nice. Makes having a sensor guy pretty necessary, but at the same time, winnable without one. I would be careful with how many slots you give combat suits because when I got 'light combat suit' I pretty much just ditched the sensor suit in favor of more firepower. I haven't been able to really mess with stealth at all and generally it doesn't seem to work very well. A full stealthed out guy couldn't sneak past enemies even with a cloak sort of thing. I don't fully understand how enemy perception works, but if the idea is to be able to be seen less easy then I would suggest more of a 'blanket' option if there isn't already one. Other than that I like sensors and it's one of the things I enjoyed a lot. Sensor sweeps work well and help to prepare for what's coming.

-Shields are...hard to understand. They seem like they just make your guys take less damage and while that might be kind of good, I think killing all the things as fast as possible is probably the best form of prevention. The runs I did with a shield guy were less than stellar and he didn't seem to make much of a difference as I, with great panic, struggled to select and shield the target of my enemy's affection and when I finally did, it didn't seem to help much. Using it on enemies seems like it might be helpful against HUGE monsters that will take a good deal to take down, (type B's just weren't strong enough) but as general purpose the field generators just didn't seem too helpful or useful in the demo. I mean aside from my guy slowly levitating (but I'm sure that will be fixed), the personal shielding also didn't seem to be super purposeful.

I'd suggest a couple of possibilities. A shield that pulls aggro making the mobs ignore others and wish to attack that person. A field generator that prevents allies from being pulled/cced in general. An easier to use system for the field generator. A field generator that creates an impassable  block (if you have played legend of grimrock, I am talking about the force field spell.) temporarily. Other possibilities may exist, but these are just suggestions and I do not know what will be in the full game either and there may be a lot more to it.

-I don't really know what's going on with melee to be honest. It doesn't seem to do much damage at all. I had originally thought that the fire axe would possibly prevent being grabbed or cause your guy to hit hard as hell, but risk taking damage, but it seems like it takes forever to kill the enemy and just in general doesn't seem very useful. I don't know exactly what's going on with it, but every time I give someone melee they either go into combat head first and die or get grabbed and pulled down a hallway. I suggest either making melee a good deal stronger/impactful or making it so equipping one prevents you, or reduces your chance, from being cced by melee abilities or something of the sort. Just generally didn't like melee and most of the market melee weapons were unequipped due to having 5-6 weapon slot requirements.(Small scatter gun is just too important)

-Is line of sight a thing? Can my guys not shoot over one another's shoulder? It seems whenever one of my guy is being dragged in a hallway that the other two don't shoot or just generally seem confused. Fighting enemies in hallways is annoying. Please try to implement something to ease up the danger of hallways. Also it is a little annoying walking into a room and having the front guy get sprayed by his buddies from enemies popping up. Only thing I can suggest is to make it so combat suited/trained personnel can be shot over/around to give them a bit of an advantage. I understand that hallways may be designed to be frightening or put you at a disadvantage and encourage you to drop back into the previous room, but it seems a little excessive and will only be worse with 5 people. Combat specialists should also do less friendly fire.

-Are all the ships flat? Is it possible to add a second/third level up and down to them? if so please do so. You could even make it so that the elevator doesn't work and they have to climb up the shaft or something. Either way, it would add to the variety of the game. Vents and other devices of the sort could too. Vents could allow aliens access to more areas of the ship and also allow a stealthy deadnaught to scout a room (in lieu of sensors or as compliment if there will be rooms shielded from sensors).

-Will there be special events in the game? I always liked the events in zafehouse. In fact I feel they made the game at least three to four times as fun. While the lynch mob was the bane of my existence for my first ten or so runs, after I had gotten used to it, it became a sort of interesting factor to prepare for, but could come at any time.

-So is the game all in dead space? I noticed there is a 'life support' powered portion. I assume my deadnauts are in sealed suits, which begs the question, what is life support for? Will it have a point? Also while I'm on the subject can my deadnaut's suits get punctured? Is there additional factors I need to worry about like injuries in zafehouse? I liked that my guys could get injured and it would hinder them and I hope there is something like this and diseases and such etc. More to it than is on the surface so to say.

While on the subject, I'm curious what the other power and security things mean. Lights I assume affect visibility, shot accuracy or something of the sort. Security I assume is how strong the security tab is. Reserve I assume is how much power can be used for your suit regen. Atmosphere I have no clue. For security I assume watchers are the fuzzy white things in the hack wire. Sentinels I assume are turrets. Signals, I don't know what they are, and doors I think is obvious. I'm mostly curious how all this affects the game because all I ever really saw was the watchers being bigger jerks when they were highly powered. I got blasted by a turret every time I encountered one even when they were weak.

-What's structural integrity for? Aside from the whole 'you take damage constantly in a room under 20%' I mean. If I reduce it to 1% it doesn't vanish or become inaccessible. It just means my guys get hurt. I don't understand why this is since my guys are in sealed suits right? Is it implying electrical cords, fires and falling debris are constantly making the room dangerous? I mean it would stop after so long right? Maybe make these rooms 'fall apart' from 20% down and cause damage to all inside but when they reach 0% they're considered 'dead' and everything inside is worthless, but deadnaughts trying to pass through have limited oxygen or something. Obviously don't want to make it easy mode for anyone with a launcher though. Not sure how to improve this, but I'm not a fan of it's current implementation is all.


-The UI has a nice feel to it, but there are several things I have a problem with. The first and biggest thing that bugs me is the size of the view port. It's just so damn small that it's difficulty to really identify threats and deal with them. This could also be remedied with another level of zoom between the most zoomed in and the middle level. Still the view port is generally very small and uncomfortable.

-Deadnauts are pretty uniform. Makes discerning them difficult. Please make the icons a little more obvious as to who is who. In Zafehouse this was done by making them into different markers. Color coding them purple, green, yellow, white, blue, orange, etc could work. Also giving them slightly modified icons based on their suits may remedy it while making it color blind friendly. I know they have small icons that indicate this already, but they are not 'readily obvious' and in combat knowing who's where is pretty important. My hacker being dragged away when I thought he was the gunner can be kinda disappointing. The shield guy is really the only obvious guy so maybe add little neat features around them like a little sensor prong coming outta the side of their head or something.

-When monsters die they become pure red again. A little confusing since as they die the circle seems to become empty. Also they have a life bar? I swear I seen it sometimes. Maybe during a sensor sweep. Consider making the monster graphics a red silhouette or something of the sort to add variety to them if you can.


-There isn't a lot of audio. I'm not really saying what audio there is is bad, but Zafehouse's audio was a little more engaging. Also the current audio is usually 'atmosphere less', but this should only be the case in a ship without atmosphere or a breached room or something. Would also give 'atmosphere' a purpose since then it would be easier to hear sounds with it, but without it you would be hearing impaired.

-The sentinel doesn't make his presence...obvious... An audio cue would be very nice since new players will go 'whats that?' and die, but experienced will recognize it and back off. It can still be dangerous for anyone rushing even if the player knows the sound.

-No one talks. In zafehouse no one talked either, but this may be a golden opportunity for audio. Also I never see that little red button light up so I'm assuming either you have plans or I was just not paying attention. Either way, giving some generic voices might work to help with custom characters too. Alternatively you could allow uploading of individual sound bits as extra customization. Point being is that if the audio will be muffled all around and if 'talking' to the deadnaughts through garbled audio is a thing then I think this is important.

-Audio in general is lacking. Just outright saying it. Zafehouse had a good chunk of audio and listening to the fighting had some real weight behind it. The creature's in deadnaught roaring as they run at you is kinda cool until they die without a sound. Weapons could use a little buff in their fun value, but generally the sound they make carries weight. There are also no thuds or sounds of the structure being busted up. Also no sounds of anything else like computers spewing crap or 'please move to the escape pods in an orderly fashion' type stuff. I feel as though audio is very important in this game with only modest visuals.


-Someone else suggested visuals of the aliens. I assume they're randomly generated so something like this might be hard, but you may try instead creating a chunk of 'silhouettes' that could be used based on the base alien type. You might also use a very rough 3d generator or some sort and just use the silhouette from that. Either way I partly agree that some kind of visual would be nice, but I don't place it high on the priority list honestly.

-Robots! Yeah it's the future so where are my robots? Wouldn't consider this high on the priority list, but might be cool. Instead of a history of things they learned, it could be more of a history of 'quirks' about the robot. They wouldn't be affected by grit, but rather 'interference' making them less affected by psychological stuff but more affected by watchers. Could also be ignored by some aliens unless they fire. Not sure how the main game will play out or if the deadnaughts will gain experience of sorts, but robots could be the reverse, degrading over time, but being upgradable. Good at start, but slowly getting worse. They could also function differently in a mission with limbs that could be damaged and all that. And if they died you could pick up their memory chip and rebuild them in a similar fashion to cloning (dunno how that works fully, but I assume it's just ressing a deadnaught).

-Medic? Odd that among all the 'professions', this one would be left out. Also how come deadnaughts just straight up die and don't go unconscious or something?

-Stuff other than stims. Single use grenades. Electric armor to escape being grabbed or prevent it. Scout spiders. Welder/sealer. Anything else. No offense, but the stims don't seem to have much effect. Variety is nice too.

-Hotbar on the main screen for stims and abilities. Using stims in between fights works yes, but a couple of quick buttons next to the portraits and some quick keys would help. Also would be nice to be able to use abilities without deselecting everyone.

-Better alium AI. If aliens in the adjacent room hear gunfire, maybe they should investigate. Bust down a door and come after the deadnaughts. Might give incentive for silenced weapons too.

-Flamethrower. If there isn't one, there should be.

-Better melee. Also it's kinda weird that you can't specialize in melee vs ranged. Having a big brute melee shield guy sounds appealing to me.

There. That's a crap load to read. I'm sure I forgot something, but I hope this helps in some way with the game. I'm looking forward to playing the full game. I really hope it releases soon!
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Re: General Feedback/Suggestions based on demo.
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2014, 07:53:26 PM »
Hi Maru, thank you for providing a detailed report on your experiences with the game. Just wanted to let you know that we've seen it and it is appreciated.

I can say there are quite a few things we've improved or enhanced since the tech demo (power in particular has undergone a lot of work), but there's definitely some things here we'll take a look at.


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Re: General Feedback/Suggestions based on demo.
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2014, 04:43:06 AM »
Hi Maru, thank you for providing a detailed report on your experiences with the game. Just wanted to let you know that we've seen it and it is appreciated.

I can say there are quite a few things we've improved or enhanced since the tech demo (power in particular has undergone a lot of work), but there's definitely some things here we'll take a look at.
Cool, no problem. Just tryin to help any way I can. Sorry if it's more of a hassle to read than helpful though.