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[1.1.0] Update notes
« on: December 06, 2014, 09:38:08 AM »
This is our first enhancement update for Deadnaut, and brings the game to version 1.1.0. Along with some very special additions to each campaign type, we've also supplemented the variety of content you'll find in crew and ship logs.

In terms of gameplay changes, deadnauts can now gain a new buff, called "Stable formation". While under the effects of this buff, deadnauts will move faster, deal more damage and detect enemies faster. It requires the deadnauts to stick together and have high stability, but it should give you more to think about when approaching encounters.

Finally, we've boosted the benefits of catching your enemies unaware. Weapon critical effects are much more likely against enemies that haven't noticed you yet, so best to watch the market for cloaking gear and sensor equipment...

For a complete rundown of 1.1.0, check out the notes below:
  • Added: All campaign types now have one or more special features to make playing through them very... unique. Rather than reveal what these are, we'll let you discover them for yourself...
  • Added: "Stable formation" buff. Deadnauts in close proximity to each other with above average stability now move at the same speed when ordered to move together. They also gain a damage bonus when attacking the same target and detect enemies at a faster rate.
  • Added: Deadnauts now have a significantly increased chance of applying critical effects (stuns, fear, etc.) when attacking enemies that are not aware of them.
  • Added: Deadnauts with good relationships will now take the initiative and help each other in combat.
  • Added: It is now possible to extract only some Deadnauts when ending a mission. The extraction button on the MFD will let you know how many of your deadnauts will be extracted. Any deadnauts that are not in a room containing an escape hatch when the extraction button is clicked will be left to die, though they can still be cloned after the mission.
  • Added: Chat dialogue for various events including the death of characters and mission events.
  • Added: New content for crew and ship logs.
  • Fixed: It was possible for deadnauts and enemies to have excessively high rates of fire.
  • Fixed: A rare issue that could cause the fog-of-war not to appear.
  • Fixed: Right-clicking on the bio and history toggle switches now works correctly.
  • Fixed: The cause of death report on the cloning screen should no longer have an extra full stop.
  • Balance: Deadnaut rate-of-fire is now affected by their combat skill.
  • Balance: Increased the effect of the combat skill on ballistic weapon accuracy.
  • Balance: Horrors now teleport to a random room, rather than next to an artifact.
  • Tweak: Pistols now have a slightly different projectile and sound effect to rifles.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.

Note to Mac OS X users: You will need to install Mono in order to run the update. The latest version of Mono for OS X can be downloaded here. Once Mono is installed, copy the update into the directory that contains "" (and not into the "" directory itself). Then start Terminal, navigate to the containing directory and type:

Code: [Select]
mono DeadnautUpdateMac110.exe
The update program should then run and patch the required files.

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