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[1.2.2] Update notes
« on: December 22, 2014, 03:59:55 PM »
Deadnaut has been updated to v1.2.2. This is a minor update that fixes a few issues reported by players.

Here's the full changelog:
  • Added: A help pop-up to clarify how auto-saving works and edited the "Save & exit game" button in the escape menu to read "Exit game". Note that saving functionality itself has not changed.
  • Fixed: Power controllers will now always be placed in an accessible position.
  • Fixed: A timing issue on certain Windows XP configurations that could cause the game to stop working correctly.
  • Fixed: Horror animations should no longer occur between missions.
  • Fixed: Interaction modes (pinging, projector, launchers, etc.) are now cancelled when Escape is pressed.
  • Fixed: An issue where sound effects would continue playing after exiting the game.
  • Fixed: The map help popup now refers to the correct key when explaining rotation shortcuts.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games are not compatible or supported between versions.

Note to Mac OS X users: You will need to install Mono in order to run the update. The latest version of Mono for OS X can be downloaded here. Once Mono is installed, copy the update into the directory that contains "" (and not into the "" directory itself). Then start Terminal, navigate to the containing directory and type:

Code: [Select]
mono DeadnautUpdateMacXXX.exe
Where "XXX" is the number of the update. The program should then run and patch the required files.

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