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Display bug
« on: May 17, 2015, 02:33:43 AM »
Hi there!

I posted this on the Steam forum, but since devs seems not to look at it, i repost here.

I found a bug in text display: when on a mission for a certain time (approx. 30-40'), the chat display on the view windows doesn't show new texts anymore, even if lines jump are done and i hear the comms noise... The text appear in chat log of the library window, though, but it's not convenient to jump to it at every speech. It happened several times.
Also i've found another bug of this type: the threat name on the menu bar of the Threat tab does not show, even when clicking on it. But it shows again when clicking an another tab and going back to Threat tab. Not a real problem, and i had it only on my last play, but could be related to the previous one.
Oh, and i play on Ubuntu 14.04.

Must say that i really love your game, the atmosphere is awesome and the design works perfectly! I would just have liked (like many others ;) ) to be able to remap the keybindings, to move the deadnauts portraits in view windows (i know we can select with numpad, but being able to do it with mouse would be great), and an "hold fire" option (those frightening low structural rooms..!). These stuff would make the game more convenient to play (at least the key remapping).
Content addition will be great too, but take your time to prepare us stuff as terrific as what you already made; what we have for now is enough to make thrilling space exploration!
So really great job you made here, and can't wait to see it growing even better!

EDIT: By the way, +10000 for the linux port!

I also posted an improvement idea: i was thinking that it would be great if there was a way to keep track of ended campaign, which are sometimes really hard and epic. Just another way to improve the "story" aspect! A guy told me that it was the case in zafehouse diaries, but that not a lot of people used it and that could be why devs had not implemented it. Probably true, but if it's not too hard to add, people who don't use it don't have to, and people like me could be a bit more happier! ;) But that's not a big deal, i know it's not an essential part!

Plus, was wondering if there was an update planned, and what would be its content.
So thanks again for that great game that will surely grows even better, and thanks for the answer!