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[1.0.1a] Update notes
« on: December 14, 2015, 11:19:57 AM »
Update: A hotfix is out, 1.0.1a. It fixes the following issue:

  • Fixed: Hail Mary runs would not complete correctly.

Greetings brave engineers! We've just released a small update for Fear Equation, bringing the game to version 1.0.1.

The focus of this patch is to address a number of important issues affecting the original release.

Here's the full list of changes in v1.0.1:
  • Fixed: Certain modifiers from VIPs were not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed: Extra checks to make sure the player wakes up at the start of the day.
  • Fixed: A number of issues that made it possible to get stuck during the tutorial.
  • Fixed: Location reports would not appear the first time a location was selected in LOC mode.
  • Fixed: In some cases, fuel was not being distributed properly during world generation.
  • Fixed: A lock-up bug when a Hail Mary run ended with no passengers returning.
  • Fixed: Time acceleration sound effect would continue playing after normal time resumed.
  • Fixed: Passenger life sign LEDs were not updating properly during a Hail Mary run.
  • Tweak: Miscellaneous changes to the tutorial to make it easier to follow.
It is recommended you start a new game after updating, as saved games may not be compatible between versions.

Note to Mac OS X users: You will need to install Mono in order to run the update. The latest version of Mono for OS X can be downloaded here.

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