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Fear Equation - Linux Technical Demo Download
« on: March 31, 2016, 11:42:13 AM »
We've had the chance to do some limited testing on Linux, however, we'd like to gather some more technical feedback from users before we consider a full release.

To this end, we've just made available a Linux demo build of Fear Equation, based on the most recent version (2.0.1). Here's the download link:

451MB TAR XZ archive, MD5: 2C4B20122E928764FC635937CBB40DA2

The technical demo has several limitations compared to the final game:
  • The game will end after 14 in-game days.
  • Blockade game mode is disabled.
  • Custom games, including customised engineers and passengers, is disabled.
  • Saving and loading is disabled.
  • Only five, non-randomised fear types from a significantly larger pool.
While we're confident the game will run on a variety of Linux distributions, we can only officially support the game on Ubuntu 12.04.

Please post any feedback in this thread, rather than the official technical support board. If possible, let us know any information you feel is relevant (graphics drivers, hardware configuration, distribution etc.). If you'd like to contact us directly, email for technical queries, and with general questions.

Whether you run into problems, or the game runs fine -- let us know either way!